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Could this be our best catfight ever? It's here! 42b


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Frank Wollenberg

At almost €170, the first new production (42b) is not a special offer. But quality costs money. The expectations placed in the price have been met. The two-year wait was worth it. If something new is published almost every week, as was previously the case with C4S, it can soon overwhelm the average European customer. But what is more important is that the money comes into the till so that there can be more at all. This is also why the price is not (yet) too high. With greetings from Germany, Frank.

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Girlfight ClubCreator

Happy Holidays Frank! I apologize I did not see your comment sooner, tho it’s a pleasant Christmas surprise to me right now! 🎄☺️🎁 Very well said, I’m thankful you understand and communicated how the production costs for extreme real fights is higher than the number of customers, and hence our videos are more for the particular collectors of fine art, autos, and other limited collectibles or quality products. The good thing is we do not ask for sponsorships before filming. You see what you are purchasing in advance. Blessings to you and your family ☃️

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